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I recently discovered Twenty20 and am obsessed. It’s a fun way to showcase your photography, whether you’re a beginner or professional.

They sell stock photos to a wide range of companies and brands including Lyft, Equinox and MTV. They also cater towards blogs and websites that can buy your photos for posts on their website.

To sell your photo you have to get recognized. They create various competitions a day that you can enter and have your peers vote on. The higher you rank, the more exposure you can achieve.

All in all, it’s a fun way to broaden your photography skills and make some sales along the way.

I love it because it has ignited my passion for photography and allows me to put my work on display. Check out my profile here.

Through competitions and collections, I discovered an amazing photographer Delanah (pronounced like banana). Her work is featured in a number competitions, and has sold to a range of brands.

She has crisp and clean photos that feature her beautiful family. She captures a moment in time and creates a strong connection between her subject and the viewer.

A standout among her beautiful photography is her daughter Essie. She is gorgeous and adorable. Her personality and winning smile shine through in every photo.

Delanah and her family adopted this Ugandan princess a few years ago, and she has been the star ever since. I interviewed Delanah to learn about her photography passion and opinion on adoption.

Sasha: How long have you been taking photos of your family?

Delanah: “My crazy photo obsession happened about 2 years ago when I started entering my daughter in “brand rep searches” on Instagram. I was just using my phone to take pics at first but quickly realized that the accounts that would get picked to be brand reps were the ones who had clear good quality photos.

My husband introduced me to canon rebel/ 50mm lens and that’s all she wrote! My trick is to take a ton of pictures and pray that at least one turns out. Then I will edit it on Picmonkey.”

Sasha: What do you love most about taking photos?

Delanah: “I love capturing the candid moments of my kids! Whether it’s a genuine smile or a discouraged face, it’s fun to see a real expression and if you can capture the right moment you can truly see what they are feeling!”

Sasha: What led you to find your daughter?

Delanah: “My husband and I started the adoption process when my youngest son Huxley turned one. We originally started in the Ethiopia program but after a year with no referral, we were offered the chance to switch to Uganda and so we did.

Essie’s referral came in August of 2011, but we waited for a court date for travel until June of 2012. I spent two months in Uganda with Essie before we were issued the right documents to come home.

It was a surreal experience that I will never forget! I met some amazing people and in hindsight I am happy we were stuck there because it gave Essie a chance to bond with me without the distraction of two older brothers.

Essie turned 2 yrs old while I was in Uganda with her and we just celebrated her 6th birthday so she’s been with us for 4 years!”

Sasha: What are your views on adoption? Why is it important?

Delanah: “Going through the adoption process has been quite the learning experience. There are orphans all over the world that need families and the journey can be long and difficult but every child deserves the love only a family can give.

Adoption is tricky because there are corrupt people who take advantage of families desperate for children by trafficking kids who aren’t truly “orphans.” Do your research and hire private investigators to ensure your children are legitimately orphans even if your agency is trustworthy.

Think about special needs adoptions! Try being open to adopt kids that aren’t “perfect” on paper! Even with my biological sons, there was no promise of the perfect healthy child so why would we expect that from an orphan?

More than anything please know that these kids are worth every trial you go through to get them. They will make you laugh, cry and at times you will feel your heart breaking for their loss but as you mold into a family you will quickly learn that you needed them as much as they needed you.

Essie has completed our family in a way only God could orchestrate and for that we are so very blessed.

You can browse through Delanah’s photos at Twenty20, Facebook, Instagram and her lifestyle blog.

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