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    Sasha Plant Based

    I have been a meat eater since birth, well until you can start eating meat as a baby, and loved the taste of meat. Chicken was my favorite thing to eat, I ate it almost every single day.  I ate chicken almost every single day and loved the taste of it. I wasn’t a big […]

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  • Owlfest 2016

    We finally made it to Owlfest, and it was absolutely amazing! Three days and two nights of camping filled with incredible music, activities and breathtaking views of nature. This was Owlfest’s 5th year and it was held at the beautiful Toney’s Mountain Golf Course out in Grass Valley. This amazing annual event started with a […]

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  • Busy Gal Guide

    April Murray and Jessica Caruso launch Busy Gal Guide, their new program that focuses on helping Busy Gals stay fit and motivated. View their launch video that I helped create: Check out their website for a sneak peak on their guides, and stay updated through their Facebook and Instagram!